Friday, November 2, 2012

Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Get Your Pumpkin!!!

See (more) pictures of Ishaan and Amaani's Halloween Costumes at Make It Handmade! 

Pumpkin carving is the one family tradition Kartik and I have that predates our kids. We started pumpkin carving our first year after moving into our home.

We've done it every year since, but now we have a lot more help.

This year my dad gave us a gigantic pumpkin to carve.

It took extra muscle to get the top off. (Amaani's taking a supervisory role).

And, of course, a huge pumpkin means lots of pumpkin guts to scoop out. (we outsourced that to the kids)

Ishaan and Amaani painted the tiny pumpkins earlier this month. 
Then we drew our little design.
And cut it out.
And here we have our spooky pumpkin!

I hope everyone had a good Halloween. We have so many relatives and friends in the New York and New Jersey area affected by the storm-- we are thinking and praying for all of you to get power, water, and normalcy soon!


  1. That's one big pumpkin! Lovely pictures

    1. It was huge! but mostly hollow-- perfect for carving.


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