Friday, August 30, 2013

Our Rakhi -- 2013 *pic heavy*

It's Rakhi time!!!! This is the kids 3rd Rakhi (check out year 1 and year 2). This year the kids were pretty excited. We started telling them about it a week in advance. They spent hours pretending to do Rakhi by themselves in their own ways all week long.

We had Amaani wear the same thing she did for year 1 now that it actually fit her. She absolutely loves the getting dressed up. It was a bit of pain for us to get it on her but she was a sport and enjoyed every moment of it. Here are some pictures:

 How did she grow up so fast?

Ishaan on the other hand does not like anything about getting dressed up. We tried to get him into a comfortable kurta but he wanted it out, deja vu from the first year. We got some pretty good pictures of them.

This year we wanted them to try and do rakhi on their own for most part. They both did really well.

And of course tying the Rakhi... homemade of course!

Exchanging sweets-- everyone's favorite part.

 And of course Amaani was thrilled with her gift ...

 For some reason Ishaan did not want to wear his rakhi this year even though for the last 2 years he was devastated when we had to take it off. Rakhi or not these two have grown into such wonderful kids. They spend hours together playing with each other on their own. And now they have even figured out how to get in trouble together. When they are in trouble Ishaan always has his tactful thoughts ready to soften the impact especially if it Amaani is in trouble. You can see the sibling love between them that can not be described by words. 

Since the whole ceremony only lasts about 15 minutes, the kids had their own little after party.

 Complete with dancing....
 Holding hands...
And hugs (of course!)
Have a great weekend!


  1. Nice story & pictures. They are so grown up.

  2. Nice story & pictures. They are so grown up.

  3. So adorable - they are getting so big! love amaani's wear, she is too cute!


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