Friday, October 4, 2013

Little Brick House

The weather has finally gotten cooler and now kids can spend most of their time outdoors. It's wonderful that they are old enough to play outside unsupervised. 

Of course, that means Kartik and I were completely shocked when we came out to find this-- Both of them have been working on this for last few days.
Don't you love that I pulled the glider out into the shade! Function over form, I always say :)

While working together they would to refer to each other as 'little pig' and 'little pig'. You could hear them formulating a plan to keep their brick house safe from 'the big bad wolf.' 

Nowadays they spend hours playing their pretend games with each other. It is wonderful to see them work together as a team and see them grow up loving each other.


  1. How cuteeeee!!! :) They did an impressive job stacking all the bricks :O

  2. There was no adult interference on this one. Since then it has fallen down and they have been trying to re-create it but not able to get it to balance. Even I tried to help few times but we are not able to get it stacked up like these pictures. I need to take these pictures out there and trying to replicate it exactly.

  3. Aww so sweet! I really appreciate this blog and the pictures of the kiddos. I feel like at least Chirag and I get to a see little tidbit of them growing up, even though we're not in Dallas :)

  4. this is impressive!!!


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