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Hi! Welcome to Strawbazies! Come on in! 

I'm Palak, a fairly new, sleep deprived mom who loves to write about parenting, sewing, making things and her two little toddlers born 16 months apart. I post here on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays!

This is my son Ishaan. He loves dinosaurs, trains and Dinosaur Train. And his sister-- sometimes. His dislikes include peas, carrots and sleeping, apparently. 

This is my daughter Amaani. She loves anything pink or polka dotted and, with the recent acquisition of teeth, she has become quite the foodie. Her dislikes include any thing blue and sharing.  

   We are so glad you stopped by, and we hope to see you again soon! 

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  1. Love your serging lessons and I'm going to use my overlocker a lot more as as a result of your lessons. Your children are so gorgeous and I like that you take photos of them. I'm a Nana and I privileged to have my grand-daughter 3 days a week and let me tell you that these are the best days of my week. I take loads of photos of her and I'm almost sure that she would like to tell me "Nana not another photo; haven't you got enough." LOL!


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